CCNP (Enterprise)

If you want to advance your career as a networking specialist, the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprise certification. This course helps IT professionals develop and get a very respected certification. With this certification, you can improve your skills in planning, implementing, verifying, and troubleshooting local and wide area networks of corporates and enterprises. Corvit Systems is a renowned name in CCNP training in Lahore that has been offering this training to help you take your career to the next level.

We at Corvit Systems are renowned trainers who offer various IT courses and certifications. CCNP Enterprise course is one of the professional courses we offer individuals to improve themselves as networking specialists. With this course, you will be far better positioned to plan, develop, implement, and manage complex networking infrastructures. So, let us explore this course in detail!

Importance of CCNP Trainings:

Skilled networking professionals are in demand in Pakistan. The reason is that networks are very complex nowadays, and companies want reliable and secure connectivity. Therefore, they want certified networking professionals who can keep their network infrastructure and operations smooth and hassle-free. Moreover, they know that professionals with CCNP certification can be the best option to achieve this target. The reason is that CCNP demonstrates a networking professional’s expertise in the latest technologies.

Course Details:

  1. Architecture

    • Explain different design principles used in enterprise network
    • Differentiate between on premises and cloud infrastructure deployments
  2. Infrastructure
    • Layer 2
  3. Configure and verify spanning-tree protocol (RSTP, MSTP)
  4. Configure and troubleshoot static and dynamic 802.1q Trunking protocols
  5. Configure and verify static and dynamic Ether channels
  6. Inter-Vlan Routing
    • Layer 3
  7. Configure and Verify EIGRP
  8. Configure and Verify Named EIGRP
  9. Configure and Verify EIGRP for IPV6
  10. Configure and Verify OSPFv2
  11. Configure and verify OSPFv3
  12. Configure and Verify BGP
  13. Configure and verify MP-BGP
    • Wireless
  14. Describe AP modes and antenna types
  15. Configure and troubleshoot WLAN configuration and wireless client connectivity issue
    • IP Services
  16. Configure and verify first hop redundancy protocols such as HSRP, VRRP, GLBP
  17. Describe multicast and multicast protocols
  18. Network Assurance
  19. Configure and verify Syslog, Net flow, span and Rspan
  20. Configure and verify IP SLA
  21. Configure and Verify SNMP

Why Corvit Systems for CCNP Trainings?

To advance your career as a networking professional, you need CCNP training. If you want the most comprehensive knowledge during this course, no IT training institute in Lahore is better than Corvit Systems. Our experienced trainers cover all the topics to become networking specialists companies want and pass the CCNP Enterprise certification exam. We also have state-of-the-art labs that improve students’ skills and knowledge about complex networks. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity and take your career to the next level.

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